January 26, 2015

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Birds Eye Frozen Foods -

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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Izze Beverage Co. -

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Izze Beverage Company -

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  • weedeater

    Weed Eater

    A trip through a car wash inspired this famous lawn care product. Learn how spinning brushes put a new spin on edging your lawn.

  • Picture-1-599x300

    Green Screen Animals

    Thanks to him, animals can act in movies … without ever going on location. Hear about the digital studio that’s capturing Hollywood’s wildest performers …from squirrels to grizzly bears. Green Screen Animals.

  • Birds-Eye-Foods-3

    Birds Eye Frozen Foods

    While ice fishing in Labrador, fur trader Clarence Birdseye noticed that fish froze stiff as soon as they were pulled out of the water into the air. Not only that, weeks later, when defrosted and cooked, the fish tasted almost fresh.

  • Izze Beverage Co.

    Entrepreneur Spotlight: Izze Beverage Co.

    Todd Woloson and Greg Stroh started making European-style beverages with juice and sparkling water to raise money for worthy causes. When sales took off they founded a business. Today, Izze has nationwide distribution in Safeway, Starbucks and Whole Food Stores with sales exceeding $15 million.

  • Cute Tools Kitchen-Collection


    Lisa Knoppe Reed sat at her kitchen table and painted whimsical scenes and colorful flowers on household gadgets and tools. Wanting to make a difference in lives of others, she sold the tools and donated a percentage of all profit to charities. While visiting a school, she saw how excited special needs kids got when helping to create Cute Tools.

Radio Stories


Snorg Tees

When Matt and Bryan Walls’s humor website “Snorg” failed, the venture left them with a lot of funny ideas from various brainstorming sessions. Rather than letting them go to waste, they put them on t-shirts and launched Snorgtees.com.


David Barton Gym

Decided to forgo graduate school to pursue his passion for personal training, with gyms that were not stuck in a time warp.

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Vita Coco

Two ladies and a bar inspired this $100-million drink. Hear the story behind Vita Coco (VITE-uh COKE-ko), the coconut water phenomenon.


TED Talks

A thirst for knowledge inspired this entrepreneur. He turned a love of Technology, Entertainment and Design into an internet phenomenon — TED Talks.



An airport security line inspired this woman’s success story. Hear how she combined fashion – and function – into a million dollar product — Boot Tights.


Mr. Potato Head

Kids love to play with food, so why not make a toy out of it? Learn how one inventor turned a childhood habit into Mr. Potato Head.

Bedol Water-Powered Clock

Bedol Water Powered Clock

Mark Bedol likes to think unique in designing and marketing every day items.


Method Home

Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan always wanted to re-invent something. After brainstorming, they agreed on what they considered the most boring of products: cleaning supplies.



Green Screen Animals

Jan 1, 2015

Thanks to him, animals can act in movies … without ever going on location. Hear about the digital studio that’s capturing Hollywood’s wildest performers …from squirrels to grizzly bears. Green Screen Animals.


Unclaimed Baggage

Oct 25, 2014

This entrepreneur helps airlines un-LOAD un-claimed baggage — and makes millions doing it! Hear the story of Unclaimed Baggage.

Paperless Post Electronic Cards and Invitations

Paperless Post

Oct 20, 2014

They make $10 million a year with virtual products that behave like the real thing. Learn how two siblings struck it rich with digital invitations. The story of Paperless Post.