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Inventions Preview

If you haven’t looked around our site at all, I urge you to. Why Didn’t I Think of That? is a collection of stories about businesses that inspire a sense of, “What a great idea! I wish it was mine!”  These ideas can be anything from a unique service, to a brilliant product idea. Some of our best stories, I think, are those unique products and inventions that people have come up with out of the blue. And almost as interesting are the reasons they came up with these products. Some of them were created from a place of frustration, some from a place of inspiration, and some were created because of the inventor’s insatiable curiosity and a penchant for tinkering.

This week, and part of next, we’re going to be looking at many such inventions, as well as the inspiration that led to them.  Extreme Snow Sleds for Adults.  A Self-Retracting Garden Hose.  These aren’t all products that people couldn’t live without.  But you don’t need to be in the business of necessity to make a profit.

So check back soon, as I’ll be presenting you with several such stories, stories which I hope will engage and interest you, and maybe… just maybe… get your inner-inventor all worked up. And, if you really want to “get in the mood,” then check out this extended WDITOT story about “Utilikilts.” What’s a Utilikilt, you ask? Simple- it’s like a kilt and a tool belt combined. Bizarre? Sure. Too bizarre to succeed with your average handyman? You’d be surprised…

Oh- I almost forgot to ask. Have you ever invented a product? Or tried to? Shoot me an email at bc@thinkofthat.net and tell me your story.

And if you do have an idea/invention, I encourage you to get your idea out there. Don’t keep your idea all to yourself, terrified that someone will steal it. Enter some competitions or “idea hunts.” If you are interested, there are plenty of competitions and groups out there for fellow inventors. Get active, and make sure you have something that people will actually want, or could use.  In show business, they tell you not to guard your story ideas jealously, but instead share them with everyone you know. Pitch it to strangers at coffee shops, the comatose guy at the bus stop. Get feedback. I think that’s probably good advice for inventors as well. Which isn’t to say you should put the blueprints for your patent-pending product all over the internet, naturally. But still, you might want to look at this article, “Got Customers? How We Almost Sunk Our Startup Before it Started.” In it, Ryan Waggoner, co-founder of MightyBrand, describes what he considers one of the most important things to creating a business, something he almost completely neglected to do:

Talk to potential customers before you build a product.

Something to think about, if nothing else.

Well, that’s all for now.  Happy Monday everybody. See you tomorrow.

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