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Abigail Michaels Concierge


Here’s a dynamic duo whose idea for a multi-million dollar business began with a dinner reservation.

Abigail Newman and Michael Fazio were used to filling guest requests for everything from theater tickets to dog walking. Their job? Concierge services at an upscale New York City hotel.

But the job took on an entrepreneurial twist after they got a call from a former guest who needed dinner reservations. That was when the two realized it wasn’t just hotel guests who’d pay for their unique services. And The Abigail Michaels Concierge Company was born. A service targeted to tenants of luxury condominiums, commercial buildings – AND high end hotels.

Abigail Michaels provides clients with the kind of sweet services that make hotel life special. Their website says it all; we’ll take care of everything from the marvelous to the mundane. Their slogan is “We’ll help you pick out an engagement ring … and then we’ll help you pick it out of the drain.”

In fact, one of their specialties is helping to make that most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day extra special.

And what about unusual requests? From the earliest days of the company, they’ve been seen as challenges. According to a story Newman told the New York Post in 2008:

The oddest request was from an executive who wanted the same ice cream his daughter had two years earlier at a restaurant she couldn’t recall in Wisconsin. That was really crazy and they were ready to pay for it,” said Newman. “We tried to research it and then went to the Institute for Culinary Education to replicate it. Afterwards, the client said it was better than they remembered.

Well, all that attention to detail paid off. From a handful of customers, Abigail Michael’s business is now 10,000 clients strong, with sales over a million dollars.

Abigail Newman and Michael Fazio exemplify an axiom featured on our website — Rethink your Industry. Look for new ways to serve your customers.

Newman and Fazio did. That’s why today, Abigail Michaels sets the standards by which the concierge industry is measured.

Private concierge services. Now Why Didn’t I Think of That?

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