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Best Parking

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Brain Sentry
Get the Why Didnt I Think of That?® Podcast:
The Chicago Bears
Get the Why Didnt I Think of That?® Podcast:
The Childproof Container
Get the Why Didnt I Think of That?® Podcast:
Entrepreneur Spotlight: Izze Beverage Co.
Get the Why Didnt I Think of That?® Podcast:
Goodwill Industries
Get the Why Didnt I Think of That?® Podcast:

What they do:
Website helping people find the best parking locations and lowest rates in major cities.

In 2004, Benjamin Sann was just 16 when he had an epiphany during an episode of Seinfeld. It was the one where George can't find a cheap parking space. Sann knew the area well and set out on two wheels to find the best parking locations and lowest rates in Manhattan.

About the business:
BestParking.com is a free online parking search engine that steers drivers towards the cheapest, most convenient parking sites. From New York, it has expanded to seven of the nation's largest cities, and all major airports. Sinn offers reservations on daily and monthly parking spots, and gets a financial cut from the deals. Over 100,000 motorists rely on the website each month.


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The Epic Evolution of Car Radios - October 22, 2013

Back in June 1971, I got a big surprise when I hopped in the car of one of my former high school friends. I’d just completed my sophomore year in college and was home on summer break, working at his dad’s asphalt plant. Ken’s family was pretty well off so, it was no surprise to see exotic features in their cars. But this one puzzled me. It wasn’t a radio … but it kind of looked that way. “What’s this? A new kind of 8 track?” I asked. “No, it’s cassette – a stereo cassette player.” “Stereo? Cassette? You gotta…

Twitch: Video Games as Spectator Sport - July 30, 2012

The entrepreneurs behind Justin.tv thought they were going to revolutionize online entertainment and conquer television. That didn’t happen, exactly. But they did end up stumbling onto a niche that they never would have anticipated: video games as a spectator sport.

TOMS Shoes - March 23, 2012

He started his first business in college. He sold his second business to Clear Channel. He came within four minutes of winning CBS’s the Amazing Race. He’s led an interesting life, but what Blake Mycoskie is best known for is starting TOMS Shoes, the company that has donated well over a million shoes to needy men, women, and children.

Crowd-Sourcing Innovation - February 17, 2012

Jake Zien was a 17 year old with a quirky idea for a flexible power strip. Ben Kaufman was a 19 year with a start-up and a vision of harnessing ideas just like Jake’s.

Now, thanks to Kaufman’s invention crowdsourcing site Quirky, Zien and other inventors like him are seeing their products go from sketchpad to store shelf faster than they can say “perpetual royalties.”

Small Business V. Hackers - June 15, 2011

Is it just me, or is the world ending? Hackers recently took down the CIA website and broke into the United States Senate’s public. Last month it was Sony’s Playstation network. Before that it was the still-at-large group of rogue hackers known as Anonymous. Hackers have been around for as long as there have been computers and networks to hack. But the problem seems to be escalating. More and more high profile networks and databases are being compromised. All the more troubling is just how much of our personal information some of these databases have, often without our realizing it….