June 23, 2017

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Resources for Entrepreneurs

The Basics

Starting a Business

Small Business Administration’s online tool for planning, financing and forming a business.

Managing a Business

Small Business Administration's guide to managing, growing and exiting a business.

Intellectual Property


Read the frequently asked questions, search copyright records, and file for copyrights at Copyright.gov.
Also see the U.S. Patent and Trademark copyright page, including copyright basics and a Copyright Refresher.


Patents page of U.S. Patent & Trademark website. Patent facts, examination procedure, FAQ, how to apply online. Also information on registered patent attorneys and agents.

Article: Understanding Intellectual Property


Trademark page of U.S. Patent & Trademark website. Trademarks, intellectual property and search tools.  

Advice & Counsel

Free Advice for Entrepreneurs

Details advice and counsel available to entrepreneurs from SCORE volunteer business counselors in 389 chapters across America.

Special Assistance

Artists, Authors and Musicians

U.S. Patent and Trademark links offering resources tailored to those in music and the arts.


U.S. Patent and Trademark links offering resources tailored specifically to inventors.

Other Resources

Business Statistics

U.S. Census statistics on the number and size of United States businesses.